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As an Artist...

As an artist, I have free reign over whatever decides to come out of my head. I can sit down and draw a picture, make a beat or write a song and the product is something I can put my stamp on. Its apparent to me that most successful artists, business owners and folks with great ideas draw energy and a sense of purpose from their work. There's nothing more fulfilling than working towards your own purpose.

On the other hand...

As an artist, trying to navigate unfamiliar territory can be quite taxing. As a musician who studied a creative-based discipline in college, I knew absolutely nothing about marketing, influence or the business side of the music industry. I still think to myself all the time, "I wonder how many amazing musicians get passed over because they don't look the part or are near invisible on the internet." I've always had the creative itch, immediately followed by a wave of self-doubt.

So now...

I've decided I need to be the artist I am. Life as been rough; family and friends lost, navigating life as a broke millennial and dealing with tons and tons of small social pressures that add up. I'm probably doing now what I should have done when I was 19 or 20, but there's no better time to fulfill a purpose than NOW.

This post in particular may not be met by many eyes, but it serves as the start button to everything set to come. My aim is to present content that is a full representation me and my thoughts; not anyone else's. After many years of doubt, attempts to fit in and uncertainty, here's my neck.

I'm sticking it out.


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